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How to Search Engine Optimize your Blog?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the crucial part for a website to obtain because it helps on gaining rankings on Google and SEO-Friendly websites can generate a number of audiences and provide good CRO.

SEO is vitally important to optimize on the whole website, but the most useful tactic to increase the visibility of your site is by optimizing your blog content. Blog content is what most users want to find on an individual’s website because content helps your user to generate knowledge about your specific product or services. Digital marketing agencies in Pakistan provide SEO-friendly content writing services that can help you generate leads and rankings.

I will discuss some authentic points that can really help your website in an SEO way:

Focus More on Long-Tail Keywords That Match the Intent of a Target Reader

If you have a small company then targeting long-tail keyword is the essential formula to do, because short keywords are mostly targeted by big brands and they are quite competitive keywords and that will take a lot of time to rank. Obviously, everybody wants to generate rankings as fast as they can so the long-tail keywords are the best option here.  Mostly, Long-tail keywords have some volume and low competition that can be easy for your website to gain rankings on that specific keyword.

The short tail keywords are like “SEO Services” and long-tail keywords definitely contains 4 to 5 words, like “quality SEO services in Pakistan”, long-tail keyword mostly targets the main intent of a user and helps them to find what they are looking for easily.

Visitors who searched for long-tail keywords are more likely to find your website in the SERP if you have targeted that specific keyword and read the whole post and then seek more information from you. They’ll help you generate the right type of traffic, visitors who might convert.

Include these Keywords in Specific Parts on your Website

After focusing on the long-tail keyword, the determining part is the placement of it.  Placing your keyword in the content in a relevant manner is the best SEO tactics to gain.

There are several manners for keywords to place:

Title Tags 

The title of your blog post will be a search engine’s and reader’s first step in establishing the relevancy of your content. So, including a keyword here is beneficial. Google calls this the “title tag” in a search result.

Including the keyword in a title helps users to find exactly what they are looking for.  The title of your website is written in 60 characters and including keywords in it will be beneficial for you. Crossing the limit of the characters can cause an ellipsis(…) you clearly need to avoid doing that because helping users to understand what you are offering in those 60 characters is the main goal for you and this may lead them to click on your blog.

Meta Tags for your Blog

Writing SEO-friendly Meta descriptions can help users to understand the intent of your website, including 1-2 keywords in the Meta description is essential for you.

Be sure to input the keyword in a relevant manner don’t try to keyword stuff your meta description, keyword stuffing is considered the black hat technique for a website to have and this can showcase a negative impact on Google and it will de-rank your website.

Optimizing SEO-friendly Meta description for your blog can help in generating a good amount of traffic and rankings in Google.

Headers and Body

Mention your keyword at a normal rhythm in the body of your post and in the headers, but only in a natural and relevant way. Don’t risk of being penalized for keyword stuffing to avoid that at all costs.

Placing 1-2 keywords in the body text can be beneficial for you to target the audience who are searching for that keyword.

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Optimizing Blog in a Mobile-Friendly way

Optimizing a blog in desktop mode is the essential step for anybody, but a mobile-friendly blog post is crucial for generating traffic to your website’s blog.

A new Google algorithm says that mobile-friendly website will be indexed more due to the more users searching for something they need on their phones. This means more audience to generate if you have optimized your content in a mobile-friendly way. Digital marketing expert advises that optimizing a website that is appealing for a mobile user is essential because 44.87% users on Google are from mobile phones, that means there is a good chance for them to find your website that is friendly to their device.

By using responsive mobile design, Websites that are responsive to mobile grant blog pages to have just one URL instead of two, one for desktop and one for mobile, respectively. This helps your blog post’s SEO beneficially because any links that come back to your site won’t be divided between the separate URLs.


Search engine optimizing your blog using these techniques can help you substantially in generating leads and traffic. Be patient, because these points might take your valuable time but in later times the results are guaranteed.